Seven Questions from Jönköping Municipal Library


I. Do you have a literary role model?

Once you’ve grown a few books old it would be odd, no, strange to have literary role models. But there are many colleagues whose work I like to read. Selma Lagerlöf, for example. Or Ben Marcus.

II. What is the best word in the Swedish language?

Och (»and«), without a doubt.

III. What is the worst word in the Swedish language?

I’m not keen on dissing words. But the profusion of Swinglish, which turns up in the most unexpected places, doesn’t exactly do it proud.

IV. What is happiness for you?

An evenly poised sentence. A certain daughter. A hundred suns.

V. Which book would like to write if it hadn’t already been written?

It’s not a book, but: The Song of Songs.

VI. Do you have any hidden characteristic that you are proud of?

If I said what it was, assuming I had one, it would no longer be hidden.

VII. If you couldn’t write, what would you do instead?

Not mean me when I said »I« (= written in a language I don't comprehend).

Be homeless, I think.

Weigh 21 grams less.